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6 Easy Steps to a Life With Qi

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Expert designed for adults that want powerful, reliable self-care, easily.


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Woman enjoys qi gong benefits

Feeling a Little Better Everyday

5 0f 5 stars

I am 2 weeks of practice into your course. My stress level gets a little better everyday. I am having an easier time dealing with toxic people. I have a creaky back. My lower back improves daily too. Slowly, but it’s been the only thing to make it feel better. It’s been worth more than the money many times over.

-Sharon Adams

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Gain the Power to Make Your Daily Living Better, With Less Stress, in 3 Easy Steps!

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Johann Less Stress


"Made My World a Lot Less Sh*tty"

I’m a dev.  I’m paid well, but I work 80-90 hours a week in non-stop crunches.  My boss screams at the whole team on Zoom daily.  I started drinking during lockdown just to deal with it.  The stress is killing me.  I tried this course when it came up on my insta.  I have been doing it for two weeks and I am doing a lot better.  Whatever the qi gong does, it makes me feel better.  Whatever little free time I have, I can relax and feel good.  I only need to make it for another year before I can cash out.  This course will help me get there.  It’s a life saver.  Don’t hesitate if you’re in a sh*t position like mine, and are thinking about doing it.  Just do it.

Anna controls anxiety and insomnia with qi gong

-Annabel Brown

"Improved My Anxiety"

I experience anxiety with full blown, go to the emergency room panic attacks After the first two days, I felt better.  My baseline anxiety felt less.  After two weeks, I am triggering a lot less, and I have much better sleep.  (I have regular insomnia too.)  I don’t expect to be completely fixed by this one thing, but it has been super helpful.  It’s a good addition to my daily treatment routine.

Cynthia Worries Less

-Cynthia Hudson

"Worry Wart Not Worried"

I have been a worry wart since I was a little girl.  When I do this course (which anyone can do), my worries drop away.  I am clear minded for several hours after my practice.  I’ve also noticed that things in general bother me less.  I am very thankful to you folks for putting these lessons out there, and finding such a talent as Master Steenrod.  This is a wise purchase, and helps out anyone looking to age gracefully.

For Ease of Learning, many angles and adjustments to the challenge level.

quick features of 6 Easy steps to a life with Qi

7 Course Features That Absolutely Favor Your Success...

  1. Expert designed and demonstrated by Qi Gong Master Steenrod with his 34 years of experience.
  2. Lessons built for easy step by step absorption.
  3. Works for clients at all experience levels.
  4. Built with low mobility options in the videos.
  5. Contains 22 video lessons that gradually move you to commanding qi gong skills.
  6. Have a question, ask a question.  Master Steenrod directly supports this course in the forums.
  7. 30 Day Complete Satisfaction or Money-back Guarantee!
Karen A
Feel more lively
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I can tell you two things. One, I can absolutely follow along with the lessons even though I'm not tech savvy. Two, I have found myself just feeling better overall. It's hard to pin down other than to say it makes me feel younger in my body and mind.
Jacob Guiding Light
Another Masterpiece of Teaching!
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Fantastic course from a great teacher! I enjoyed doing it and have built my own practice using your wisdom. I really wanted some more personal attention through some streaming or zoom. If you add that, I will give the final stars.
Sharon Adams
Feel A Little Better Everyday!
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I am 2 weeks of practice into your course. My stress level gets a little better everyday. I am having an easier time dealing with toxic people. I have a creaky back. My lower back improves daily too. Slowly, but it's been the only thing to make it feel better. It's been worth more than the money many times over.
Erin The Seeker
Unfolds in a very absorbable way.
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I am still working on the course, but got the request for a review. I've been a fan of qi gong for ten years, but it's all over the place in quality. Master Steenrod is definite an expert at qi gong. It's the first time I've ever been through this type of step by step walkthrough and I've been surprised how effective it is to do it like that. Makes a big difference.
Carlie R
Love It So Far!
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I'm about half way through and loving it so far. I did go for the expensive, glitzy qi gong course you see floating around on insta, and that was a mistake. This is the better option. I feel better, and I can do the things that the Master suggests.
Gene H
Masterful course from a true Master!
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This course follows a beautiful progression and is filled up with expertly curated and presented knowledge. It was a blessing to find it!
Sharon T-F
Great Alternative to Class
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I heard about Water Mountain from a friend, and visited the studio in Flagstaff. I don't live there, so training wasn't a realistic possibility.... I signed up for this online course. No regrets. It is cheap and easy to use. (I am not a computer person.) I am able to do the lessons, and I feel better each day. The course is worth it!
Angel Loves
I'm Experienced. This is Good!
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Hello. I've been doing qi gong for a long time. Over 5 years. This course filled in a lot of gaps in my knowing. It is nothing but plusses!!
Annie 356
Better than my local offerings.
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I live in a community in Georgia (just outside Atlanta) which has some Taoist Tai Chi, which is pleasant. This course is better than my in person class. I have learned a lot more from it. I especially like the two phase practice. Strongly recommend Master Steenrod for his personable style and knowledge.
H TheSeeker
Small Miracle For Me
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A had a friend refer me here. I was able to follow the course and I am still doing it even after finishing it (that's the miracle). I do feel better. My outlook is more positive and I feel bolder.
Hela C
One More Step on My Path!
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I've had some chronic pain in my hip and have seen it improve by at least 2 points and my sleep got better too!
6 Easy
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This very helpful course has helped my Qi flowing with improvement. Each position was more helpful to understand when the teacher clearly explained and showed how it is done. I liked practicing at my own time and place, i.e., home, park or a forest. I've committed the movements to memory which has enabled my Qi flow to improve. I highly recommend this well-made video to your Qi health!


This is a legitimate concern, especially if you’ve not done expert qi gong before.

First, give Master Steenrod a chance to aid you in the forums.  Your issues will be treated in a polite, dignified fashion.

Second, no solution is 100%.  If, unfortunately, you’re not getting the results you want, we will refund your purchase without hassle.

Very Secure.  We use Stripe, an industry leading, secure payment processor for Credit Card and Klarna payments.  We don’t actually ever handle or see your CC info.  Our website also uses two firewalls, and several internal security apps to protect you.

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Yes, more likely than not.  We use private video servers to allow the videos to be served to a wider audience.  The best way to know is to make your purchase and try it.  If it doesn’t work for you, contact customer service, and we will help you resolve the issue or politely refund your money.

Yes.  You receive an email walking you through access.  The course uses simple buttons to navigate, so if you have gotten far enough to read this, then you can do it.

Product Details...

First results are within 3 days, and will grow stronger over time.

Qi Gong is for people that want to be personally in charge of their own physical health and mental well-being.  It is a tool that, when properly taught, is very much able to provide you with that ability.

Using this course, you can improve your health, decrease pain, decrease burn out, not feel like you are always at your wit’s end, and wake up with a better take on life.  On days when you’re feeling bad, you’ll be able to feel better faster.

Oh, it is also satisfaction guaranteed or money-back.  A complete, no-risk for you.


This is a thorough, but not overwhelming, beginner course in qi gong.  It will take time and some mild commitment to get through.  It does provide a very step by step approach that a person needs to only follow to have success.

Options are provided for people with low mobility to allow for practice when seated.

The teacher, Master Steenrod, is an expert with over 30 years of qi gong experience that has led thousands of classes.  His approach is one of comforting expertise, tinted with humor about the human condition.

He uses methods he has honed working with hundreds of students, and it shows in the clarity of his lessons.  He will guide you toward using the wonderous energy of qi for a healthier body, and a more balanced emotional life.

In 22 videos, Master Steenrod covers these topics:

+Introduction to the nature and use of qi.

+Vital practice tips for success.

+Practical tips on how to build a daily routine.

+19 Qi practices most necessary for daily use.


Master Steenrod waits to answer your questions in the forums.

Time Limit:

This course stays active for 3 months after purchase.  It will not likely take you 3 months to become capable in the material, but we’re keeping it accessible to allow for lifestyle challenges and questions.