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6 Easy Steps to A Life With Qi


Fitness: Suitable for people w/ low mobility+.

Difficulty: Suitable for complete noobs (novices).

Pre-Requisites: None.

Course Content: 22 Video Lessons.

Support: via Forum

30 Day Complete Satisfaction or Money-back Guarantee

6 Easy Steps to A Life With Qi



This is a novice course in qi practice (qi gong) designed for beginners.  Options are provided for people with low mobility to allow for practice when seated.

In his comforting, relaxed style, Master Steenrod gives step by step lessons on how to bring qi into your daily life.

He uses methods he has honed working with hundreds of students, and it shows in the clarity of his lessons.  He will guide you toward using the wonderous energy of qi for a healthier body, and a more balanced emotional life.


+Introduction to the nature and use of qi.

+Vital practice tips for success.

+Practical tips on how to build a daily routine.

+19 Qi practices most necessary for daily use.


Support is provided to all enrolled students via the forums.

Time Limit:

This course stays active for 3 months after purchase.  It will not likely take you 3 months to become capable in the material, but we’re keeping it accessible to allow for lifestyle challenges and questions.


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