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Awaken and Enliven Qi Gong

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Elena energy has iimproved using awaken and enliven qi gong

“I Feel Like I’m Fully Awake.”

5 0f 5 stars

After having Covid, I was having trouble being half-asleep in the mornings. I wouldn’t feel normal until my third cup of coffee. I’ve been doing your lessons for 5 days now. I am down to 1 cup of coffee and I feel like I’m fully awake. Thank you!

-Elena Angelos

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5 Big Benefits to Awaken and Enliven...

qi gong that can be learned quickly.

Lessons Are Quick and Easily Absorbed.

Crafted with his expert eye, Master Steenrod knows how to build lessons for rapid, easy absorption! 

More Perk. Less Coffee

More Perk. Less Coffee.

Energy from Awaken and Enliven Qi Gong is rapid.  The great majority of people experience more energy after their first session.  Unlike coffee, it can be used as often as needed!

Recover More Quickly From Stress

Recover More Quickly From Stress.

You know what it’s like: your body is off work, but your mind is stuck and stressed.  Awaken and Enliven speeds your ability to let it all go!

Easily Adapts to Fit Your Lifestyle.

Most old-time qi gong doesn’t work if you don’t do it just right. But Awaken and Enliven can work great even if you’re busy or in a weird spot.

Results Stick!

While first results are typically immediate, they also build up over time–until you reach a healthy max!

Man improves workouts with awaken and enliven qi gong

-Steve Garcia

"Helps Me Stay on Track"

I’ve been trying to go for a jog every morning to get in shape, but was having the same problems I always have getting up and around in the morning.  I started doing Awaken and Enliven every morning.  It gets my blood pumping, and now I am much more consistent with my jogs.  I’ve even been able to work in calisthenics faster than I expected!

-Jonas Smith

"Now Part of My Workouts"

Great Stuff! I’m a gym rat.  I normally chew coffee beans to prep for a pump, but it’s started to make me anxious so I needed a substitute.  In walks your course!  I now use the tapping methods as part of both my pre and post workouts.  I’ve cut the beans down to about a quarter of what I once used.  It should be part of every workout!

Lessons cover standing and seated forms, and limited upper body mobility. Closeups and side angles let you clearly see the positions.

7 Course Features to Assure Your Success...

  1. Expert designed and demonstrated by Qi Gong Master Steenrod with his 34 years of experience.
  2. Lessons built for easy step by step absorption.
  3. Works for clients at all experience levels.
  4. Built with many low mobility options in the videos.
  5. Contains 9 videos to move you step by step to awakening your body.
  6. Have a question, ask a question.  Master Steenrod directly supports this course in the forums.
  7. Effects are immediate and will grow stronger with practice.
Jack T
Works With Back Injury
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I fell off a ladder in March 2022, and hurt my back. I just managed to avoid surgery, but I've been going to PT regularly since then. I am weaning off of pain killers now, but they have left me with very little energy. I was hesitant that I wasn't ready for qi gong, because standing for long periods of time is still hard. This course was really kind of built for me. I have been able to do the seated forms of the drills, and definitely feel more awake than I was before. You guys really fill a need for people like me. Muchos Gracias!
Paulina P
Very Fun. Like the Humor!
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I like Master Steenrod's spritely joy in the sets. It really set a good mood.
dolphin lover
Love The Course!
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Thank you for the course. It is a high quality gem from the universe! Namaste
John G
Winner of a Little Course!
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Nicely done course. Really like how you showed different adaptations for people with disabilities.
Very Helpful!
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After a week of practice, I found that it's easier for me to get a start in my morning. I am normally very sluggish. Thank you! I think I will give your other offerings a try.
Sandra W
Awaken and Enliven Qi Gong
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Definitely great for a better daily living after experiencing QI GONG. It can be fun for younger and older folks. The Master teacher offers many helpful suggestions all through the demonstration video. It will take some practice for you to find and enjoy the adjustment that's perfect for you. You may want to add some favorite music to experience the flow.


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Yes.  You receive an email walking you through access.  The course uses simple buttons to navigate, so if you have gotten far enough to read this, then you can do it.

Full Features...

This is an external qi gong, commonly referred to as a Wei Dan.  The qi gong is dynamic, with movement, in each of the sections.  There are 9 different chunks of activities covered in 9 different videos.

These videos contain versions that are standing, seated, and one-armed to accommodate different mobility and health needs.

The course expires in 90 days, but practitioners are unlikely to need 90 days to learn the set.  The long time limit is provided to make it more convenient.

Master Steenrod awaits your course questions in the forums.