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Qi and The Independent Spirit

Master Mikel Steenrod discusses why people with an independent spirit and a desire for a good life are drawn to qi gong.

Transcription of the Explainer Vid, "Qi and the Independent Spirit."

Hello. I am Qi Gong Master Mikel. Steenrod with Water Mountain Virtual.

For today’s talk, I want to take a look at one of the common characteristics of the qi gong practitioners, a characteristic that I have seen across many decades and many, many practitioners.  The feature that is most common, I would say, is that a qi gong practitioner wants to have the tools to determine his or her own health.

And what do I mean by that?
One, the person has the ability to maintain a consistent,
healthy lifestyle, both emotionally and physically.
And two, that person has the tools to restore him or herself
when that health is compromised.

So as the mind experiences stressors
and sharp blows,
as the body experiences illness, injury and aging, the tools are
there to restore it back towards a norm.
Prior to that,
the tools are there to keep the person at an even keel.
But things happen, even when you have that even keel.
Now, how is that different from anybody?
Well, in the West especially, what I have found is that people
do what they want, do what they want, do what they want, do what
they want, and then experience a collapse.
At that time western medicine intervenes at the collapse and
attempts to restore some form of normalcy.
Now why am I putting it into that words?
Am I making fun of western medicine?
Not at all.
It’s very difficult for anybody to intervene after a long period
of no maintenance or intervention
and restore
complete normalcy.
That applies to qi gong as well.
That applies to western medicine.
What you get back is not the normal that you had in years
prior. You get some form of function back.
With qi gong, you have the ability to maintain health.
So essentially, do what you want.
Do qi gong, do what you want.
do what you want.
Do qi gong.
So you can maintain your health and also maintain your ability to
make decisions
about your own life.
It’s just that we are intruding in a more intelligent fashion,
because we as practitioners know
that by providing this small amount of time towards qi gong, I
can erase many of the ills of those prior periods of time.
And I have the ability to restore myself up to a reasonable level
of operation,
given age and circumstance.
If that’s something that interests you then perhaps you
are a potential qi gong practitioner.

If you are not already at a qi gong practitioner, you can always sample this for yourself by taking one of the available free courses that are on this website and give it a try, see what happens.

Ok, thank you for listening to me.

And I hope the best for you!

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One Response

  1. 20 yrs ago when I had walked into the WATER MOUNTAIN Qi GONG , I had felt an atmosphere of health and healing . One of the members had given me a sample of a position in the Qi Gong Balances. I could readily feel the calm of the Standard Breathing as I raised and lowered my hands and arms at my anterior body; also known in our healing classes as the CV . I have learned that the Qi Gong that I have used in healing myself can be used and given to others for their body, mind and healing experiences. It’s been and remains a VERY POSITIVE element of my life.

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