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Why Qi Gong

Qi Gong Master Mikel Steenrod discusses the value of qi gong in getting back a life and body that is for your own purposes rather than for work.
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Transcription of "Why Qi Gong?"

Hi! This is Master Mikel
Steenrod with Water Mountain Virtual.

I want to spend a few moments
talking to you about qi gong.

There are thousands of systems of
qi gong that have been practised

across many centuries,

and their emphasies can vary.

But the qi gong that I teach

in many of my courses

is corrective.

It’s designed to fix things that
have gradually gone wrong within

your system.

And when you can sit back and go,
well, I’m healthy and I’m… and

that’s fantastic.

What it corrects are the
imbalances that are created by

day to day life and your work-a-
day life.

One of the things that I point
out to students is that

work in general has…

does not have your best interests
at heart.

What it cares about is that you
produce in exchange for,

typically, in this Era, cash.

And so you put in your hours,
whether those are at a desk or

digging a hole, and then you get
a certain reward of capital

at the end of that time,

Work does not care what the cost
of that is on you, other than its

impact on your ability to
continue producing.

What that means is that you need
to spend time

providing yourself with

your own care.

And so when we hear self care,

sometimes people that are outside
of the realm of self care will

poo poo it.

Think of it as being a spa.

And certainly, self care could be
a spa.

But self care is really about
sitting back and going, well, if

I don’t take care of myself,

work certainly is not going to
take care of myself.

And so we look at these meta
methods that have been handed to

us across the centuries, and we
see that they are able to restore

ourselves back to our pre work

Now work can impact you

what? Emotionally,

there can be the stresses of it.

There can be the daily grind of
it that slowly wears you down.

There can be

aggressive encounters that occur.

Your body, could get worn out.

You could be doing things that
are damaging to your back, or

your knees, or your wrists.

Any one of those particular
things. Qi gong came about to

restore the normal

within the body.

And it does that by rebalancing

this thing called qi, or the
energy system of the body.

And you may or may not believe in

You may be a strong proponent of

You may be strongly against it.

But the one underlying fact is
very simple.

You need a corrective in your
life to restore you back to a

normal that you enjoy, that
allows you to live your life

more on your own terms and not be
walking around unhealthy,

in pain, stressed,

incapable of dealing with the
rest of the world because you’ve

used so much of yourself up

in trying to

live this production life.

Now what qi gong does is it

parts of your body that have
become overused or underused,

and redistributes resources

across those parts.

So for example, let’s say, I’m
sitting there and I’m typing all

the time.

Qi goes where the mind goes.
Right now,

if I’m just sitting there typing,
what am I really?

I’m my eyeballs,

I’m my hands

and I’m my arms.

Qi will go to support those
tissues because it wants you to

be able to do your very best with
those tissues.

But over time, it will pull qi
from other parts of the body and

actually tend to overcharge these
areas as well.

And what that results in are

let’s say, it’s like your house,
and you’re hanging out in your

living room all the time.

Well, imagine if, as you hung out
your living room,

the living room is the only part
of your house that got any power,

water, heat, cooling, whatever it
happens to be, and the rest of

the house was just allowed to go
to pot.

It would decay. The living room
would actually get a little bit

too much over time, because the
qi system can overdo things as

well. With qi gong

we are using physical postures to

the qi, for example, that’s

your arms.

It also goes to parts of your body


have been starved

in that process of production.

And if we look at the
psychological toll,

we are forced,

in artificial circumstances,

to think in certain ways, to have
emotions in a certain spectrum.

And those also have impacts on
who we are as an individual.

You get used to being one thing
all the time.

So you get used to being a crisis
manager or a crisis source.

You get used to being angry in
order to achieve your ends, or

submissive to achieve your ends.

As we rebalance the energy, we
also tend to rebalance the emotions.

Now if that polarization is

so if you become tremendously,

emotionally biased in a
particular direction, that’s

going to be a long path.

And qi gong allows you to do that.

So when we look at, well, why
would I want to do qi gong?

The thing that you have to sit
back and consider is that the

normal human being, what we call
the natural form of the human

being, has a pretty equal
distribution of resources,

both internally within the mind,
within the heart–

so for your emotion–

and also within the body. We have
a relatively equal distribution

with small polarizations that pop
up as we need it.

In those parts of your, let’s
say, your unused house that

haven’t been used in a while,

it needs some love and need some
caring in order for it to be maintained

and in order for it to grow.

And the same thing applies with
your own life.

When you’re looking at burnout,
within a particular thing,

burnout comes from consistent
imbalance over time and the

failure to meet fundamental needs.

When you

correct those imbalances,

and when you meet those
fundamental needs, you get

actually many more productive
years. Years where you don’t have

to sit there and grill or just
really drive yourself to do

something that you don’t want to
do, or offset the stressors of

what you’re doing with drugs or

or some other self destructive
behavior, you have available to

yourself another resource, and
that resource can be qi gong.

So in a nutshell,

qi gong is about getting you back

from the exterior world

and allowing yourself

to distribute those resources in
a way that’s productive.

You can sit back and ask
yourself, well,

what if I don’t work anymore?

What if?? The problem is that the
cheese system gets habituated.

When the qi system is
habituated, even a task that you

did 20, 30 years ago,

the energy will still be

Your internal resources will
still be distributed in the same way.

People that have lived their
lives like that will tell you

those stories

quite frequently.

Perhaps you’re fortunate, and you
have other balances in your life.

You can take a look and see
whether or not qi gong will

provide you with some additional

Most people, I would say, need
the qi gong tools quite

seriously in order to get
themselves back–to have a self

that’s for them,

and not for producing or meeting
an exterior goal that has

absolutely nothing to do with


So these are some brief words
about why you would want to do

qi gong and even a little bit
about how qi gong works.

Please feel free to take the free
course that’s available on this website,

and see what it means to bring
some liveliness and some activity

back in.

Qi gong is so potent


just doing it for an hour or two
hours per week

can offset

an entire week.

Forty hours, sixty hours, eighty
hours, whatever it happens to be

for you

and allow your body to rebalance.

Now, if you’re looking at a

the decay of many years,

it’s going to take you a little


you can start

actually today.

Just try a free course,


Thank you very much.

And if you have any questions,
you welcome to direct them via

customer service or by

one of the forums.

Thank you.


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