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How Qi Gong Heals

Qi Gong Master Mikel Steenrod describes how the body can be healed by qi and qi gong.
cover photo illustrating the recovery of damaged area

Transcription of the explainer vid, "How Qi Gong Heals."

Topics of this video:

  1. How qi can contribute to diseases and injury.

  2. What illness and injury can be corrected with qi gong.

  3. How qi gong and other qi practices affect positive change.

Hi. This is Master Mike Steenrod with Water
Mountain Virtual.

For today’s qi topic,
let’s take a look at qi gong and healing.
It is possible for the body to be healed with qi.
Qi is one of the many body systems,
but it has an oversized contribution
to the healing process, meaning the body itself
does the healing, but qi is a major contributor
to that process,
and can
speed the healing of slow injuries
and even initiate the healing of very stubborn
issues within the body.
If you’ve been watching the other videos, then you can probably
guess as to how part of that is accomplished.
If we give each cell in the body the qi that it needs in
order to perform well, the natural healing process, the
natural physiology,
will work at its peak
and we will see healing occur, physical healing occur, much
faster than it would without having that peak function.
simply doing qi gong while you have an injury or illness
will improve
the healing of that injury or illness.
If we are looking at chronic issues or stubborn issues, or
let’s say you haven’t been doing qi gong, but are introducing
yourself into qi gong–
Then we have a variety–
We can break down this process a little bit more and see what we
need to do in order to get the body to really heal at its peak.
In general,
illnesses that are caused by an imbalance of the qi
will heal very, very quickly
that imbalance is corrected.
That can occur
if we sit back and look at aches and pains, swelling within the body,
issues with digestion,
some issues with sleep, back, pain, other factors like that.
Those can all be caused exclusively
by an imbalance of the qi.
Now that doesn’t mean that is the only possible cause, but it can
be an exclusive cause.
If that is the case, then correcting the qi will result
in at times, an instantaneous
correction of the physical problem.
That does not occur certainly all the time, but is certainly within
the realm of
I would put it like
right in the middle at the average for that type of thing.
Other illnesses or injuries are oftentimes caused
in part by an imbalance at the qi.
So an individual has depleted there qi.
An individual has built too much qi, which is very rare
outside of practitioners
for the most part.
When westerners it’s far more common to have a complete
depletion of the qi than it is to have a significant overcharge
of the qi.
It can be caused by the distribution of the qi in your
body being incorrect,
and that I’ve talked about that in prior videos.
One of the major functions of qi gong is to actually facilitate
correct distribution.
You don’t want all your resources going to the wrong spot and
clogging up the works, while at the same time starving
another portion of your system.
And qi gong is excellent at fixing that.
The other factor, the one we have not discussed
in this sequence of videos, is that some forms of qi are
not advantageous,
so they are destructive to you.
And some forms of qi are very nourishing
to you and will help the body perform
better, simply because you’re taking in
better quality qi, or holding better quality qi within your body.
Those destructive forms of qi are sometimes produced by
sometimes are within the environment itself.
For example, a disease organism.
One of the things that it does when it enters the body is it
attempts to make the body
more hospitable to it, both at the physiological level and at
the qi level.
And so the organism creates
an environment where that qi is destructive to you, but
productive to it.
It likes
those conditions.
You do not like those conditions.
So we have a hostile relationship
with those destructive organisms.
At other times, the destructive qi can come from the
environment itself,
that is,
you happen to be in an area that’s populated or filled with
qi which is harmful to you.
And very gradually the body absorbs it
Lastly, you can ingest
destructive forms of qi, so it can be present within your food
So you take it in to the body, and it starts to mess up the works.
So in those circumstances, what we attempt to do through qi gong
is to create a proper inflow and outglow of the qi, so that the
body can rid itself of those destructive forms.
That proper inflow will also allow you to start compensating
for extreme deficiency.
So if you’ve simply used up your qi, you want to take in more
qi in order for the body to heal.
So in our little nutshell talk to day, what we’re looking at
when we’re looking at reasons that the body can be corrected by
qi, or how we would set out to correct the body’s flows by
we look at what? Distribution,
our old friend, through qi gong.
Overcoming deficiency.
That occurs by taking in more qi through various absorptive practices.
And encouraging the body’s own mechanisms
to dump destructive forms of the qi from the body.
There is a limit in the body’s ability to do that naturally.
And then also, there is a limit to the body’s ability to do that
through qi gong.
The body will correct large numbers of issues through qi gong,
but it is limited.
Outside of that limit? Generally,
those are addressed by herbs, for example,
or by qi gong healers, who are capable of affecting larger
imbalances and larger collections of destructive qi forms.
You can also look at immersing yourself
into areas of the natural world that are filled with constructive
or beneficial qi forms
to you.
And if you’re ingesting it, of course, then you would want to
stop that and start ingesting
reasonably healthy, nutritious food that does not possess those qualities.
Okay. In a nutshell,
that’s how
we can approach disease
and injury through
qi in order to return it, the entire body, to a healthier state
how you can set out to bring those factors
into your life.
Thank you very much.

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