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Pro Arnis Fundamentals 2

You can stop that power swing and have fun doing it, easily!

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"Lesson Were A Blast!""

5 0f 5 stars
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-Brad F

These lessons were a blast!  Really enjoyed them.  I am much safer than I was before taking the subway.  It is a relief to know you I can stop all sorts of attacks now. Really so fun I train everyday!

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Three Big Benefits to Taking This Course...

Confidence from Certainty

Confidence in Certainty

You will have a rock solid ability to stop a weapon swinging in at you.  The certainty of be able to do that makes you confident in your ability to handle yourself in a high stress defense situation.

Power of Small things

Master of The Small Things

Many Pro Arnis practitioners are musicians (Coach David is a crack drummer)  As any skilled musician will tell you, there’s a lot of difference between someone that can kind of play an instrument and someone that knows all the small things about playing.  You will get that with this course!

Smiling person having fun working out

Inject Lot's of Fun Into Your Life

Great fun with a partner or by yourself, Pro Arnis is a safe, low impact exercise.

Personal trainer improves self defense and adds to client workouts

-Tilde Bauer

"Fun and Safer!"

I’m a personal trainer, and I’ve been looking to up my self-defense game.  The drills are fun, and I’ve made them part of the wind down for my clients, men and women.  Everybody loves the drills.  Keep the courses coming.  I want more!

-John Martin

"Fantastic Courses! Doesn't Disappoint!"

There’s no FMA in my area, and it’s been something I’ve wanted to do, so I decided to give you guys a shot.  I ended up getting all three videos.  They are all great!  I’ve learned so much so far.  I think you guys have really worked out what’s needed for video lessons, and what you need to make them learnable from home.  Great work!

Coach David Semanas

6 Course Features to Assure Your Success…

  1. Expertly demonstrated by Coach David Semanas with his 30 years of experience.
  2. Lessons are in easily absorbed, bite-size pieces.
  3. Works for clients at all experience levels.
  4. Contains 8 videos to move you step by step to commanding defense.
  5. Have a question, ask a question.  Coach David directly supports this course in the forums.
  6. Skills are useful within the first few minutes of practice and astound with more practice!
Craig G
Perfecto, Man
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My bro and I have been using your vids in the park working out. There perfecto, man. Question? All we have to do is look at it again.
Greg PM
Really Worthwhile
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Boys will be boys. A buddy of mine was watching me do my lessons, and gave me the "I'm going to come at you with this." He picked up a rake (we were in my garage) and swung at me. I blocked it easily. We were both impressed. I love the attention to detail in the videos. It makes them really worthwhile. Also, watching the shocked look on your buddies face, priceless
Brad F
So Fun I Train Everyday!
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These lessons were a blast! Really enjoyed them. I am much safer than I was before taking the subway. It is a relief to know you I can stop all sorts of attacks now. Really so fun I train everyday!
Hank S.
Super Helpful
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The presentation of the lessons with the different angles was super helpful. I got it and it's because of you guys.
Samuel J
Course Slaps!
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I spent some time with FMA, but was stuck. You guys are the pros. You had me doing the right things right away! Onto the next one.
Don Reynolds
Hit the Spot
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Solid work. Course ran well.
Nan Ren
Like this one even more
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First, excellent videos. I don't imagine how the instruction could have been provided in a better fashion by video. Second, some of the videos are almost forensic studies of drills, but without becoming boring. Third, my son loves them and looks forward to doing the work.
J Harrison
Nice Pair of Courses
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I just completed both Fundamentals 1 and 2. They work great together, and I feel that I have put together a solid workout myself. You might get a kick out of this. I wasn't able to get sticks locally, so I've been using magazines wrapped with duct tape. They work nicely. I also hit myself in the face a couple of times, and I am glad I wore the eye pro you keep on about.


No.  We do highly recommend eye protection.  As for practice sticks, tightly rolled and taped magazines serve very well if you aren’t modestly handy.

Yes.  The weapon does the work. The lessons are very easily scaled to different fitness levels, and can be done for short periods, while still making gains.

If you have one arm with okay range of motion, you should do fine.  Most drills can be done seated, in crutches, or with orthopedics. Contact us by forum if there is something you can’t figure out, and we’ll show you how to make an accommodation.  We will even shoot more video at our own expense if that is needed.

Safety is baked into all the lessons.  We talk about it openly, and how to create it in the drills.  When risk is greater in a drill, we tell you so you can make your own decisions about whether you want to do it.  Overall the risk of injury is low, if you do the drills as intended.

Very Secure.  We use Stripe, an industry leading, secure payment processor for Credit Card and Klarna payments.  We don’t actually ever handle or see your CC info.  Our website also uses two firewalls, and several internal security apps to protect you.

Absolutely.  We are GDPR and PCI compliant and adhere to the CAN-Spam act.  We will also not sell your private information.

Yes, more likely than not.  We use private video servers to allow the videos to be served to a wider audience.  The best way to know is to make your purchase and try it.  If it doesn’t work for you, contact customer service, and we will help you resolve the issue or politely refund your money.

Yes.  You receive an email walking you through access.  The course uses simple buttons to navigate, so if you have gotten far enough to read this, then you can do it.

Product Details...

This course introduces fundamental attack defense training that’s needed to prevent being struck while under high stress.  The course also has drills for building the renowned eye-hand coordination of Pro Arnis. 

There are 8 videos to teach the following topics:

+6 Strike Simultaneous Exchange

+Standing Blocks vs 6 Strike

+Advanced Reverse Sinawali

+Largo Flow (Solo)


Coach Semanas provides direct support in the forums and awaits your questions.


This course stays active for 3 months after purchase.  It will not likely take you 3 months to become capable in the material, but we’re keeping it accessible to you in case questions emerge as you move through the other Pro Arnis courses.


Students are strongly encouraged to download the 2 companion workouts for their personal use.