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What Happens When You Have No Stick?

Coach David explains why you are far from helpless even when you are without a weapon like a stick, if you have Pro Arnis training.
What Happens When You Have No Stick

Transcription of Pro Arnis explainer vid, "What Happens When You Have No Stick."

Hi! I’m Coach David Semanas with Water Mountain.
I’m going to talk about some aspects of Pro Arnis.

I get a question quite regularly,
“What do you do when you don’t have a stick?”
So the stick,
in training, and also, to do your lessons,
is not just so that you can fight with a stick,
it’s also-
to teach you how to apply force with any object that you pick up.
So even if all you have
is a floppy sock at hand and nothing else in the middle of the night and you
get attacked,
you’re able to function
by knowing what to do with your body, your footwork and your movement, so
that you can apply force in a way that helps you get out of the situation.
Even if you have something rigid, like a water bottle, it’s nice and hard,
you can hold onto it easily,
and you can apply force.
You can also defend.
You can hit as things come in
and redirect.

Arnis is very fluid in how it teaches you both how to move
and what to do in a fighting situation.
It helps you with both footwork and how to apply force, and how to defend.
Even if you escalate and go from rigid objects to something that’s bladed, you
know how to move it in such a way that you don’t get hurt, so that you’re
moving it in such a way and also defending with it in such a way that
you have less risk of injury.

That’s the whole point of Arnis. Because it’s weapons based,
it’s trying to show you how to defend and attack with a weapon, as well as defend
other people with weapons and also disarm them from their weapons.
So it’s a great way to both understand how to move and behave,
regardless of whether you have just your fists,
a weapon at hand, that is just whatever you can get hold of.
And it really helps you understand how to defend against those things like
fists, knives,
sticks, baseball bats, whatever they bring to the table.

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